Administrative Services

Overview of Services . . .

Through our central office staff, the Association managers, and maintenance personnel, PMG will provide the following services to the Condominium Homeowners’ Association:
Administrative Services
  • Daily Representation and Management
  • Organize and Attend Board of Directors and  Association Meetings
  • Maintain Books, Records, and Homeowner Correspondence
  • Collect Fees, Verify and Pay Invoices
  • Prepare Annual Budgets and Periodic Financial Statements
  • Coordinate Reserve Study, if applicable
  • Coordinate Accounting Audit or Financial Review, if applicable
  • Coordinate Tax Return Preparation
  • Provide Key Control for the Units
  • Provide 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Maintain Association Website
Maintenance Services

Care and maintenance of:

  • All Grounds Areas
  • Parking Lots, Walkways and Deck Areas
  • Common Area Facilities
  • Exterior Lighting Systems
  • Boat Docks
  • Garage Buildings
  • Installation/Maintenance Landscaped Areas
  • Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Service
  • Snow Removal Service
  • Exterior Construction and Painting
  • Bulk Purchasing of Supplies
For the Association or the Individual Homeowner . . .

In addition to Administrative and Maintenance Services, PMG will also provide the following optional services to the Association or the individual homeowner:

Optional Services
  • Remodeling and General Repairs
  • Interior Painting
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs for Homeowners
  • After-Hours Lock-Out and Emergency Services for Homeowners
  • Special Grounds Projects or Grounds Maintenance on request